2020 Trends of Modern Designer Kitchens

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2020 Trends of Modern Designer Kitchens – If you are looking for ways to update your kitchen for 2020, we have compiled this year’s hottest modern kitchen design trends.

In contrast to fashion, home decor trends have staying power, so improving your kitchen will transform your living area for years to come. Even if you are not renovating, don’t worry. You can at least update your current kitchen using these modern ideas.

2020 Trends of Modern Designer Kitchens

Updating with color In the UK, we are seeing much more color. The state of the economy is prompting people to update their kitchens with both accessories and paint, instead of a complete overhaul.

This does not necessarily restricted walls and can extend to kitchen cabinets, and it is something you can do on your own. Bright colors seem to be in at the moment, such as red and orange, with citrus shades like orange, lemon, or lime, used in small amounts. For example, it is now popular to use a lime green mixer whereas, in the past, people may have been frightened to invest in bold colors. But the trend for years has been families gathering together in the kitchen, so the spaces have become more fun and friendly.

Streamlined designer kitchens Reflecting a more casual and collaborative way of life, design trends have moved towards integrated appliances like drawer-style fridges, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers, which are fronted to match cabinetry for a much cleaner look.

Most of the appliances are hidden to make kitchens much neater. This is popular throughout Europe and is catching on across the Atlantic. Kitchens islands are now the most popular area as a work surface. This trend seems particularly prevalent in German-style kitchens.

Mixing stained-wood and painted-wood cabinetry together Purely stained-wood or painted modern designer kitchens individually are a thing of the past, now being used as part of the same kitchen design. Grey-wash stain on walnut cabinetry, mixed with white shelves are in at the moment. High-gloss paint is also up and coming.

This is overwhelming if used too much, high gloss paint might be best used over 2″ cabinet frames and open shelving. You can tie all this together, stainless-steel appliances, a mosaic backsplash, thick stone countertop, and great lighting over the island, will tie it all together, and be a perfect blend of materials to ensure for an exciting kitchen.

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