Decorative Corbels How To: An Installation Guide

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Decorative Corbels How To: An Installation Guide – Installing corbels can do wonders to enhance the appearance of the interior of your home. Not only are they useful for their aesthetic appeal, but they also double as great hardware for structural support and reinforcement. Install decorative corbels in any room of your home. Use wood corbels in the study or to match hardwood floors; polyurethane corbels are great additions to kitchens beneath countertops or cabinets; choose from a wide variety of decorative corbel designs to accompany any existing decor or add flavor and flair to dull rooms.

Installation should be quick and easy if done correctly. Follow these steps for successful installation:

PREP: Having the right tools before you embark on your installation project will facilitate the entire procedure and make everything go smoothly. You can always assume that you will need a clean cloth, caulking gun, and adhesive caulk to install decorative wooden or polyurethane corbels. Use the cloth to prepare surfaces before installation; dust and clean them with a damp cloth and allow to dry before starting. If you plan on coloring your decorative corbels, do this now, before installation. Use a level or measuring tape to mark in pencil where you plan to install.

APPLY: Once you have obtained the necessary tools and marked the exact intended position, you are ready to begin. To start, turn your corbel face down and apply a half-inch thick line of caulk along the back edge of it. Then press the corbel into position on the wall, being sure to meticulously follow designated pencil marks completed during preparation. Now, use your caulk and caulking gun to fill in any gaps between your corbel and the wall to make the transition appear seamless. Your goal in installing corbels is always to make them appear to be an inherent architectural structure. Before caulk is dry, remove any excess caulk using a clean damp cloth.

SECURE: Depending on the size and intended purpose of your corbel, sometimes this step is more necessary than others. If you have a large corbel or a corbel that is intended to help support the weight of another structure, you will definitely want to secure it in place. To do so, use finishing nails to tack corbels into place on the wall until adhesive caulk is totally dry; once caulk dries, take the nails out from around the corbel and fill in small holes with additional caulk. This will ensure that the corbel is tightly applied to the wall at a 90-degree angle, and keep it from moving during the drying process as a result of physical interference or warm temperatures.

TOUCH UPS: Once your decorative corbel is sturdily fastened to the wall, you can finalize the installation process with some aesthetic details if you so choose. Use extra fine sanding paper to even out caulk in order to further perfect wall-to-corbel transitions. Sanding paper can also be used to prep the surface of wooden corbels before painting. The last step is to paint or finish your corbel and make any necessary color touch-ups.

If you install these decorative pieces properly, you should achieve a finished and elegant look in your home. What’s more, though, is that seamless corbel installation jobs can actually contribute to the net value of your home as an element of architectural detail.

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