Flooring Oxford and The Benefits of Slip-resistant Flooring

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Why would you choose slip-resistant flooring? If you were looking to decorate your office or working environment, why choose slip-resistant flooring compared to any other?

Well, for one thing, its properties are summed up in its name- it is slip-resistant. If you own or work in a business that gets a lot of traffic- a hospital or a leisure center, for example- then you do not want to risk accidents or spills on your prestigious wood or carpeted floors.

Flooring Oxford and The Benefits of Slip-resistant Flooring

What are commercial properties?

Commercial properties tend to require commercial flooring- flooring that can handle high volumes of traffic and so needs to be durable and easy to maintain. Commercial properties include:

  • Offices
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Schools and universities
  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Other public buildings.

When it comes to flooring Oxford there is a wide choice of slip-resistant flooring, otherwise known as rubber or safety flooring. It is more widely known as commercial flooring- it is not the sort of flooring you might choose for your home but it has definite advantages to being used in a business environment.

Vinyl flooring is made of four layers and is well known for being exceptionally easy to clean, install, and maintain. This is probably the most likely of all the commercial flooring types to be used in the home, in particular bathrooms and kitchens. Generally, vinyl flooring is slip-resistant which is why it is used for hospital floors; it comes in a range of designs so for those of you that are worried that vinyl flooring will look out of place- don’t worry. The right design is out there somewhere in the range of flooring Oxford, and people will be able to advise you on it all.

Commercial flooring also includes rubber, cork, and linoleum flooring. Versatile and durable, they make the perfect choice for an environment with a lot of heavy traffic. Safety and slip-resistant flooring give the owner peace of mind as well as the customer. They are also designed to meet current health and safety regulations- any further advice and help you may require is available from flooring Oxford.

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