Other Ways to Heat A Room

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Other Ways to Heat A Room – If your home is very cold and you find that your central heating doesn’t always cut it, if you’re simply not a fan of central heating, if your central heating is broken, or if your house is very large and you want to save yourself energy bills by heating only the area you want ? then there are many alternatives to central heating that can keep you warm in a quick, comfortable and local way. Here is a list of other alternatives:

Heated blankets? Heated blankets are simply duvets or blankets with electric wiring that allows them to grow warm. This then creates a great comfortable heat that’s akin to wearing clothes that have been on the radiator. At the same time, you’ll be enveloped in a warmth that will last indefinitely and that can replace central heating and only pay the electricity costs for the one socket.

Hot water bottles? A quick way to heat yourself anywhere is with a hot water bottle. This will cost you nothing more than the electricity it takes to heat the kettle but will last a good few hours. It’s worth bearing in mind though that if it’s very cold and you use this technique, you’re liking to end up waking in the night feeling cold. During the day though it’s fine as something to hug for a bit of extra warmth. Alternatively, you can get bean bags that are microwaveable that perform the same task more quickly and easily but don’t last quite as long.

Electric heaters? An electric heater can be added to any room to give heat in a specific location. They are adjustable and easy to move and store during the summer and at the same time provide an ‘oasis’ of heat, saving you having to pay to heat the entire house and giving you more warmth more quickly.

Fireplaces? A fireplace is a permanent fixture but will provide an attractive and natural warmth and light for the room in which it’s installed. This is certainly enough to warm a room and does mean you won’t necessarily need to use the central heating or at least as much central heating. At the same time, it also means you don’t necessarily have to tax your electricity bills at all depending on the system you use. Many fireplaces will use gas instead, and if you have a very traditional log or coal burner then you can simply burn your fuel which will be highly inexpensive to replace afterward. The downside of using a fireplace if you’re concerned about heating bills is that when the fire is not burning you will then have a direct vent (the chimney) to the outside which can sometimes allow a cold wind to blow down it. Some chimneys have systems preventing against this that can be closed over.

Under-floor Heating? Under-floor heating is a bit of a luxury and not particularly cheap to install initially. At the same time on its own, it won’t be enough to replace any other heating method. However, by using under-floor heating in conjunction with the other methods you can give yourself multiple sources of heat and then you’ll be able to turn off the central heating.

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