Use the Right Paint Color to Make a Room Appear Larger

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If you’re trying to decorate a small space in your home, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Clever interior design has much to do with tricking the eye to make a small room appear larger, roomier, and more inviting.

Before rearranging furniture or deciding how to redecorate a tiny room in your house, start by choosing a paint color that can make limited space appear larger:

Use a light color scheme. When painting a small room in your home, light colors, as opposed to bright or dark hues, will make a tiny room look bigger immediately. According to Lowe’s, pastels, white, and neutrals are recommended as a starting one predominant color. Sticking with a simple color scheme focused on one predominant light color will make a small room appear immediately larger. If you’re dead set on using darker shades, use them as accent colors instead of primary paint color. Choose your temperature. Many people don’t realize that warm and cool colors can create the same feeling of climate within a room. Meaning, if you choose light colors with cool undertones, a room may feel cool and calming. If you want a small room to appear warmer and more inviting, select light colors with warm undertones. Nonetheless, most interior design experts recommend using light, cool colors to make space feel as open as possible. Consider soft shades of your favorite colors. If you have a hard time deciding on light colors to paint a small room, start by assessing light hues of your favorite colors, like blues, greens, and purples. Consider painting a small guest room or home office with a lighter, cooler shade of your favorite color to help open up space and make it feel monochromatic. Painting with colors in the same color family with tone-on-tone accents will easily help a small, cramped space seem bigger. Once again, cool colors are recommended in most cases to make a small room appear open and soothing; consider several light shades of cool colors to make the most out of a tiny room.

When it comes to decorating a small room with limited space, use furniture sparingly. Overcrowding a small room with too much furniture will negate your painting efforts and make a tiny room appear even more crowded.

For example, consider using a loveseat instead of a full-sized sofa in a living room with limited space. Or, forgo a couch altogether and set up two padded chairs to accommodate guests when visiting.

Last but not least, edit yourself when decorating the walls of a small room. Although it may be tempting to crowd the space with several colorful paintings to distract from the tiny area, one large painting will work better than several small paintings or photographs on the wall.

When decorating a small room, the point is to create a visual balance. When you use a color scheme of light, cool paint colors, you can make the most out of a tiny space to help it immediately feel large and roomy!

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