How Spa Covers Save You Money on Heating Expenses

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How Spa Covers Save You Money on Heating Expenses – Owning a hot tub can have an impact on your overall energy bill. Because the water must be maintained at a certain temperature to ensure enjoyability, heating costs can increase dramatically if you’re not careful.

To keep your heating expenses down, you must trap as much heat inside of the tub when not in use. Covering your tub with a high-quality product is the most effective way to accomplish this. The rule of heat is that it always rises to the top and escapes through whatever crevices are left open. The same rule applies to the heat that’s emitted from a hot tub.

How Spa Covers Save You Money on Heating Expenses

A spa cover will prevent the water’s heat from escaping into the atmosphere. That’s why it’s essential to purchase one that fits perfectly over your tub. Otherwise, steam will escape through the open cracks. Some covers have very thin lining along the folds, allowing heat to escape. Be sure when purchasing a case that all stitches are reinforced and there are no open slivers along the seam lines.

Another important factor to consider is your spa cover’s R-value. This calculation indicates the insulation efficiency of the product. The higher this number, the better the cover will be at keeping the heat in (and leaving the cold out!). This R-value is determined by the thickness of the actual cover and the density of its foam.

One of the thickest models on the market today is The Cover Guy’s Extreme Cover. This item has a foam density of 6″ and is designed to withstand some of the harshest weather conditions. Even if you don’t live in a harsh climate, this cover is the most effective in keeping your heating expenses down. As mentioned earlier, all covers should fit over your tub perfectly. That’s why it’s best to purchase one that is custom-built according to your tub’s specifications. The Cover Guy provides this kind of accuracy.

Cover caps are also a great way to ensure maximum insulation. These caps are made of durable, vinyl polyethylene and fit snugly over your existing cover.

A high-quality hot tub cover can be purchased for about $350 – $400. And that’s a relatively small investment if you consider the long-term savings that are sure to appear on your next heating bill!

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