How to Increase Home Value with Home Improvements?

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How to Increase Home Value with Home Improvements? – Location, Location, Location. You can’t change the location of your home. Of course, it’s influenced by the homes around you, but you can do some home improvements to your home to raise its value.

How to Increase Home Value with Home Improvements?

The exterior of your home is very important, there’s only one chance to make a good first impression. Picture yourself as the home buyer, the first thing you see as you walk up the driveway is the lawn and exterior of the house. You’ll want to see a well-kept weed-free lawn and a nicely maintained house. Not grass that needs to be mowed, weeds in the yard, paint peeling, etc. After all, you didn’t come to buy a fixer-upper. A fresh coat of paint and a few hours in the yard will do wonders to raise your property value. And a little landscaping wouldn’t hurt, some flowering plants, neatly trimmed shrubs, etc.

Now walking into the interior of the house is the same, you don’t want to look into a house that’s messy, unorganized and needs a lot of fixing up work to be done. Buyers have no imagination and will hold it against and low ball you when it comes to negotiating the sales price.

Clean the house before showing it. Pick up the dirty laundry, put storage boxes out of sight (it’ll make the room look bigger), clean the carpet and curtains maybe, etc. Make sure the bathrooms are clean and the garage swept. Painting the interior of your home will give it a cleaner feel.

If you’re handy with tools or can afford to hire a contractor home improvement in the kitchen and bathrooms will raise the value more than any other rooms in the house. Home improvement stores stock many fixtures and appliances as well as tools for the “do it yourself“.

Just be careful not to over remodel. The price only will rise as much as the neighborhood bears. The costs of your home improvements should have a positive increase in the final sales price.

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