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Protect Your Mattress – We spend one-third of our lives in bed, so choosing a good quality mattress is important. The average price of a mattress is anything from $69 to $899 so it makes sense to protect your mattress. Selecting a mattress covers is similar to purchasing a mattress there are so many brands and different designs that one might be overwhelmed by the choice. Fear not as this article aims to help you make that important choice in a more informed manner.

Protect Your Mattress

What should I look for when buying a mattress cover?

The underside of your mattress cover should be made from the highly absorbent material to help prevent foreign fluids and perspiration from getting through to your mattress. A quality mattress cover offers far more protection and comfort then cheaper brands if you’ve invested in a good mattress it makes sense to protect it with a quality cover.

The topside of the mattress cover should be padded for extra comfort. The padding should preferably be made from natural fibers such as cotton, not only will this provide superior comfort it will also help with the absorption of spills.

Why use a mattress cover?

  • A quality mattress cover will help protect your mattress from bacteria and other allergens which people are sensitive too.
  • A good quality mattress cover shields a mattress from the majority of spills as they have a degree of absorption built into them. Spills which would normally render your mattress useless are now easily cleaned as the mattress cover absorbs the majority of the spill.
  • Keeping your mattress clean is made easy by the simple use of a mattress cover. The mattress cover acts as a barrier between the outside world and your mattress, it absorbs dust bacteria and fluid. The majority of mattress covers are machine washable which makes keeping your bed clean easy.

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