Tips on How to Remove Various Types of Stains from Rugs

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Tips on How to Remove Various Types of Stains from Rugs – Rugs were specifically designed to enhance your decor and hide the dirt as well as keep you warm during the cold Australian winters. However, if your rugs are stained and not cleaned immediately, the rugs will become damaged and permanently stained. To expand the life of your rugs, they should be vacuumed regularly, no matter what part of Australia you live in. Rugs that experience constant traffic lanes will inevitably result in greasy soils, permanent scratch, and wear. People inevitably will spill substances on the rugs such as red wine, paint, greasy substances and others. Here are some valuable tips on how to remove stains from your rugs effectively using household products. There are many different types of spot removers, before using these products always test the product on a small area to make sure the product does not discolour the rug.

Remove Various Types of Stains from Rugs

Instructions :

  1. Firstly when a spill occurs from red wine, ink, blood or other, simply blot the spot immediately from the outside inwards using paper towelling. Once you have soaked up all the liquid, then clean the area with clean water using a soft cloth, then blot up all the excess water. Never allow the spill to soak through to the carpet fibres and never scrub the rug as you will end up damaging the fibres.
  2. For water-soluble stains such as colas, food dyes, alcoholic beverages, ice cream, gravy, excrement, berries, latex or wet paint, mud, jelly or washable ink use a simple cleaning solution made up of a quarter teaspoon of white vinegar or a none bleach detergent mixed with two cups of warm water. Firstly blot up the stained area with paper towelling and then clean the area thoroughly with a solution.
  3. If your rugs Australia are stained with chocolate, blood, red wine, tea, coffee vomit or mustard then make up a solution comprising of one tablespoon of ammonia mixed together with one cup of warm water. If your rugs is made from pure wool or a wool blend use a mild detergent mixed with water. For solution dyed rugs that are made from materials such as polypropylene, mix one part chlorine bleach to five parts of warm water. Do not use bleach on any other types of rugs as the bleach will cause discolouration as well as harm the rugs.
  4. If you have experienced spills that are fatty, oily or wax based, then immediately place paper towelling over the spot and then iron over the towelling with a warm iron. The oil, fat or wax should lift off the rug and in turn stick to the paper towelling. If it does not remove the stains the first time, then repeat the process once again.
  5. Should your rug sustain a burn from a cigarette, the mark can be removed by gently rubbing the rug pile with the edge of a dull knife or any instrument that has a flat hard surface. Do not apply too much pressure as you will damage the pile or even the whole burn area.

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