Top 10 Fall Home Improvement Projects

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Top 10 Fall Home Improvement Projects – Fall typically means a slow down in home improvements. What this means to the homeowner is the contractors are more readily available and can complete that home improvement projects in time for the holiday season. As the owner of Westmoreland Contractor Referral Service, homeowners always ask me what the best fall home improvement projects are. Whether your home improvement project is aimed at reducing your winter heating costs or beautifying your home, now is the time to start.

Fall Home Improvement Projects

With today’s soaring energy costs, homeowners are looking for ways to reduce the cost to heat their homes before winter arrives. This fall is a particularly good time to consider home improvements. The slowing economy and the housing market has homeowners rethinking about selling their home and are starting those home improvement projects to not only add value but to ease the stress on the wallets this winter season.

The top ten fall home improvement projects that homeowners are focusing on include a list of projects that can be completed at low cost or depending on the homeowner’s preferences can be an elaborate home makeover.

  1. Windows and Door replacement. Window and door replacement top the list for fall home improvements. The low-cost project can be as simple as replacing caulking and seals to reduce heating costs. Based on the age of your windows and doors, consider a total replacement for the highest energy efficiency benefit.
  2. Insulation. Homeowners should consult with a contractor to discuss the current level of insulation in their home. Most older homes are not insulated enough. Several methods are available to the homeowner, which include blown in insulation. New siding also has an added benefit of adding another layer of external insulation.
  3. Gutter replacement. Gutters that are not working properly can cause interior damage. To prevent costly repairs later, replace those older gutters. The fall is the best time to clean gutters and prepare your home for the next season.
  4. Inspect furnace, fireplaces, and clean the chimney. A furnace inspection provides a much-needed piece of mind. Make sure your inspection checks for carbon dioxide detection. The inspections and annual cleaning should include changing filters. These small checkups will help to avoid unexpected problems during the coldest winter months.
  5. Interior Painting projects. As summer comes to an end and you start to spend more time indoors the new appearance, warmer, and inviting the feeling of a fresh coat of paint will help to push off those dreaded winter blues. Add a touch of color and brightness.
  6. Roof repair and replacements. Fall is the best time to have a contractor look at the roof and determine if any trouble spots are present and could become an issue during the winter months. Talk to your contractor about how to locate a leak inside the home around the typical trouble spots.
  7. Kitchen renovation. A kitchen renovation can be scaled to fit any budget. A simple home improvement project that replaces the countertop in a kitchen can change the look and feel of a kitchen. A complete kitchen renovation can include a new design and layout of a kitchen that can add space and improve the traffic flow to make it more efficient.
  8. Bathroom Remodeling. Bathroom options today include garden tubs with whirlpool jets that dissolve the stresses of today’s hectic lifestyles. Remodeling the bathroom can be a simple re-do or an elaborate complete renovation.
  9. Indoor and outdoor lighting. As the evenings become longer and the cold winter dreary weather approaches, a project that includes updating both indoor and outdoor lighting can provide an inviting environment and if energy saving lighting is used can save energy.
  10. Landscaping. Start preparing your landscape for spring. The fall is the best time to plant grass seed to ensure a head start on the spring growing season. Start your garden now for the arrival of spring. Plant those flower bulbs in the fall to start your spring flower beds.

The top ten fall home improvement projects are the typical projects that homeowners should consider before winter. Winter has a way of sneaking up on us, but if you start thinking of those home improvement projects now you can enjoy a warmer, more beautiful home that is more energy efficient and safe.

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