Wood Sculpture Reflects Dexterity of Indian Sculptors

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Wood has been considered as a perfect gift discovered by ancestors. With the passage of time, it has become an essential and indispensable part of the lives of people. Its importance can be determined by seeing ancient temples and houses that have been built of wood. Apart from these, woods have also been employed in roof beams, pillars, doors, and window frames. Woods in India has become a popular medium for artists to express their creativity and demonstrate excellence.

Wood Sculpture Reflects Dexterity of Indian Sculptors

The art of sculpting wood is called sculpture, which requires a specific skill, patience, and creativity. Wood sculptures are made in all over India, but some states like Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have an especially grand tradition of wood sculpting. All the wooden sculptures made in India are recognized and appreciated worldwide for its unique design and pattern.

Art lovers collect different types of wood sculptures to decorate their houses as well as offices. Various types of wooden sculptures are not only available at handicrafts exhibitions and ethnic stores, but also at an antique store. The distinct style of wood sculptures and carving set India apart from other nations around the globe. In fact, India is boasting carved sculptures of gods and goddesses, animals and figurines.

Being rich of woods, India offers an opportunity for its sculptors to carve wood to show their dexterity and skill. All types of wooden sculptures are available at cost-effective rates. Some of the popular woods apt for wood sculpture include Ironwood, Sandalwood and Ebony.

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